Water is an abundant organic component in the crust of the planet. Only a small portion of the water is drinkable out of 71% of the water on the planet. Water, however, will always be a necessary component because it is required for the survival of all living things, including humans, animals, plants, and microorganisms. There are two different kinds of water: hydrogen water and alkaline water. Hydrogen water and alkaline water differ primarily in that hydrogen water consists of a low pH scale value and alkaline water has a higher pH scale than water.

Hydrogen Water

Hydrogen water contains hydrogen and magnesium in a small amount. These components are far more valuable than ordinary water. The reason why magnesium is found in hydrogen water is that it will react with water molecules to produce hydrogen gas. 

It is known that hydrogen gas has medicinal properties. When hydrogen is absorbed into our bodies, it acts as an antioxidant and can reduce inflammation. Hydrogen gas is swiftly absorbed into the blood in the lungs after being inhaled and is then transported throughout the body. Hydrogen is then absorbed into the blood and transported throughout the body. 

Regular tap water can be converted into hydrogen water with the help of PURIFY Water Hydrogenator. In this alkaline water jug, hydrogen and oxygen gas are produced through the electrolysis process. By introducing hydrogen gas into the water, antioxidant (energy-giving) water with high bioavailability is created.

Alkaline Water

Alkaline water is a type of modified water created by adding more calcium and magnesium hydroxide to the water. It is created by a water ionizer. Alkaline water has an extremely high pH because it contains basic (alkaline) elements. Alkaline water provides a lot of advantages because of its high mineral content.

Alkaline water is said to slow down the aging process, control the pH of the body, and prevent chronic disease. The pH of alkaline water is greater than that of ordinary drinking water. Some individuals think alkaline water can balance acidity in the body. The pH of drinking water is 7, making it neutral, but alkaline has a pH of 8 or higher. Even though this is the case, water still needs more than a high pH to become alkaline.

Difference between Hydrogen Water and Alkaline Water


  • Magnesium and hydrogen gas are both present in trace amounts in hydrogen water.
  • Alkaline water is a type of modified water created by adding more calcium as well as magnesium hydroxide to the water.

PH Level

  • The pH of hydrogen water is lower.
  • Compared to drinking water, alkaline water has a higher pH.

Compared to alkalic water, hydrogen water has more advantages. Hydrogen water has potent anti-inflammatory effects, reducing pro-inflammatory mediators while boosting the body's generation of anti-inflammatory mediators. Additionally, hydrogen water promotes natural energy. The quality of the body's organs and even cells improve. Intense 

Hydrogen water boosts cellular energy levels while also enhancing protein activity. Hydrogen water is a potent inhibitor. It reduces free radicals, slows down the aging process, and lessens the chance that a chronic illness would negatively affect your life.