Many reasons students struggle with math are numerous.

It's not unusual for students to have difficulty understanding certain math concepts.

However, for some students, the problem extends beyond just understanding a few concepts. For them, it becomes an ongoing problem and prevents them from fully understanding math.

Why Do Students Have Trouble with Math

Dyscalculia refers to a learning disorder that hinders students' ability to do the math. Dyscalculia affects students who have difficulty understanding math symbols, numbers, and other concepts.

Many students struggle with mild dyscalculia or worse, and they don't reach their full potential in math classes. Students who have not met basic math standards in their earlier grades will likely continue to fall short in later grades.

It's crucial to spot signs that your child has difficulty with math early on and create a plan.

Signs Your Child Is In Trouble with Math

Not Reaching Major Milestones

Your child may have difficulty keeping up in class with the rest of his/her peers. Younger students may find it difficult to count by number groups (two, five, tens) or individually. Older students may have problems with multiplication tables.

Basic Math Concepts and Facts Are Difficult To Remember

Your child may have difficulty recalling math concepts he or she has previously learned.

Advanced Math Concepts and Facts Are Difficult To Grasp

Your child struggles with basic math concepts and is unable to understand more complicated math problems.

Time Management Is Difficult

Your child has difficulties managing time.

Doesn't The Math Family Connection Make Sense?

Your child cannot connect between math fact families.

The Trouble with Mental Math

Your child counts with his or she fingers when solving math problems.

Problems with Applying Math Concepts in Real Life

Your child is struggling to apply math concepts in word problems and real-life situations, such as when calculating the cost to purchase items.

It Doesn't Try To Find Alternate Solutions to Problems

Your child does not try different ways to solve math problems.

How Do Parents Come Around To Help Children With Math?

If your child is showing any of these signs, it is important to act quickly to correct the problem.

There are many ways that parents can help their children in math class. Many of these things can be done at the home with the help of tutors.

Practice with Your Child Every Night

If your child has homework, it is a good idea to sit down after school with them and do some math practice. This will help your child improve their skills and keep the things he or she has learned fresh in their mind.

Identify Problem Areas

Find the math problems your child is struggling in. You will be able to work with the tutor or teacher of your child to determine the root cause and make a plan.

Make Math Fun

Making math games together can help your child see that math is fun, rather than overwhelming. See our blog post to get ideas on how you can make math fun with your child.

Find Daily Applications

Your child should not be doing math only when they are at school. When you're grocery shopping, have your child practice math by adding up the cost and following a recipe.

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