Plagiarism has been commonly seen, in today’s world. In hope of generating quick money, lack of sincerity, skills and money to hire a professional web developer, makes people resort to such illegal practices. Also, when businesses are not able to match up to the ever-increasing demand for content then sometimes its quality gets lowered.

This fails to meet the demands of search engines and online audience that are in search of informative and original content. Resorting to these unethical practices most of the times impact the SEO in an adverse way.

Plagiarism and its prevention

Jack Wilson from Trafficora added "Plagiarism is a breach of the copyright act that is made to safeguard personal intellectual properties or creations. It can involve images and written content for promotional or non- promotional basis."

Use of plagiarism detector software will help you modify it, so as to make it authentic and unique for the readers. Also, for not coming under violation of laws, it is a good practice to always cite the reference link of the sources from where the idea has been taken.

How does copied content impact SEO?

Rewriting web content using it from another website is considered to be the quickest way to build your website. This has been a general practice that is being done by many of the anonymous writers worldwide. With the help of plagiarism checker, a person can easily figure out the uniqueness and originality of the web content.

This type of patchwriting work presents several types of SEO issues. Attempts to perform semantic search do not yield desired results. Also, when writers “rehash their blog posts”, then they do not derive any value from it. When talking about how search engine reacts to a plagiarized content, then you would not get a favorable result.

Prominent search engines such as Google penalizes such websites and also rank them very low on the search engine results page. Online users are not interested in browsing search results after one or two pages. Thus, a business with plagiarized content suffers from reduced visibility.

Cut and paste

Another form of plagiarism is seen as “cut and paste” work. In this method, one cuts and pastes small sections of content from different sites, so as to build a complete content for the website.

To prevent such occurrence, several marketing companies have come up with an agreement where a writer will only be hired if he delivers original creations and restricts the number of duplicate words to a fixed pre-specified percentage.  It is very important to note that certain amount of duplication of work is allowed because they think that it is natural to happen when several writers write about the same subject.

To get maximum benefits of your SEO methods, it is important to ensure that your web content is purely authentic. Lesser the plagiarism in the web content, more effective would be your SEO strategies. This will bring you desired gains and help your business gain trust and reputation.