A clogged drain is one of the most typical issues that you, as a homeowner, may face when it comes to plumbing issues. Your drains can get blocked for several different reasons; however, the one thing that they all have in common is that it can be a hassle to fix them once they become clogged. Because of this, we strongly advise getting an experienced plumber to come and fix the issue for you. The issue that has to be answered is this: how can you tell whether the drain in your home is genuinely clogged? Continue reading to find out the clogged drain signs that occur most frequently.

Your drain may, over time, get clogged with a variety of components, dirt, and other things. Because of this, ultimately a clog may form, which will prohibit your plumbing from functioning as it should. If this is not treated, it has the potential to cause serious damage to your system as a whole in the future. To prevent this from happening, we strongly recommend that you keep an eye out for the warning indications of a typical drain blockage.

Unidentified Water Pools In The Backyard

Have you ever looked around your yard and seen puddles in odd places, even if it hasn't rained in quite some time? One of your drains may have a severe blockage. In certain situations, obstructions like this can be caused by tree roots, which also can do serious damage to your plumbing system. Always keep a watchful eye on the state of your yard. If you find any puddles that look suspicious, you should contact your plumber.

Your Toilet Doesn't Flush

If your toilet is not flushing properly, this is the most typical early indicator that there is a blockage in your drain. This might be because of a clog in the pipes of the toilet, but it could also be because of a blockage farther on in the system. If clearing the blockage using a plunger or auger does not work, we advise getting in touch with a plumber to have the drain professionally cleaned. A toilet that is blocked should never be overlooked, since this may lead to significant problems across the entire system if it is not addressed.

There's Going To Be A Putrid Smell Coming From Your Drains

If you flush anything down the toilet or wash something down the drain, your drain may have a temporary odor, but a drain that smells constantly is attempting to tell you something. Bacteria have the potential to grow in the pipes, particularly if there is food caught in them. In certain instances, it's possible that a rodent attempted to go through the pipes but ended up being caught. If you smell anything bad coming from your drain and it does not go away, you should get in touch with a trained expert as soon as possible.

Your Drains Gurgle

Aside from the scent coming from your drains, you should also keep an ear out for any peculiar gurgling sounds that may be coming from them. A gurgling drain indicates that there is the air that is becoming stuck someplace in the plumbing of your home as a result of a blockage. Gurgling sounds might also originate from a vent stack that is blocked, or they could be caused by an issue with the main line of the sewer system. No matter what the cause of the issue is, gurgling drains that are noisy cannot be ignored.

A Sluggish Drainage

Another clear indication of a clog is when water takes a very long time to drain out of the drain, which is especially noticeable in the sink, the bathtub, or the shower. These obstructions are frequently brought on by a buildup of soap scum or other pollutants that we wash off our bodies in the shower. These are the sorts of blockages that are easy to repair and don't cause too much harm. Nevertheless, contacting a plumber is not going to hurt, so do it if you are unsure about anything.