Did you know that tequila can aid with weight loss? While tequila is not a "health food," it does have some surprising health advantages. To gain the most health advantages, go for "100% agave" casamigos tequila.

Also, keep in mind that this suggestion only works if you drink Tequila in moderation. We do not advocate binge drinking and only recommend 1 to 2 shots while imbibing.

Here are ten surprising tequila perks.

1. It Can Assist You In Losing Weight

Isn't that crazy? In general, if you want to reduce weight, avoid drinking alcohol. Remember, liquid calories are simpler to digest than we believe, so this is still true. However, if you can limit your tequila consumption, you can benefit from the weight-loss qualities of agavins, a kind of sugar found in tequila. Again, not to be confused with agave nectar, have a less refined molecular structure and does not boost blood sugar levels. As a result, compared to other alcohol sugars, which have a higher glycemic index, many of the calories pass through the system unused. It also increases metabolism and aids in fat dissolution.

2. It Helps With Digestion

Taking a shot of tequila after a meal has also been related to improved digestion. Some recommend taking a shot before a meal to stimulate your metabolism and appetite, followed by a shot after to calm and aid digestion.

3. It Contains Probiotics

Probiotics are the good bacteria that naturally fill our intestines, and you've heard of them by now. They are in charge of the majority of our immune system and assist our bodies to maintain a healthy equilibrium. Some of the fructans from which tequila is manufactured feed these beneficial bacteria!

We're talking about modest amounts of tequila here. Getting drunk will most likely accomplish the reverse, wiping away your natural stocks of good bacteria as your immune system works overtime to combat the poisons included in all alcohol.

4. It Has Prebiotic Properties

Prebiotics assist tends the ground, so to speak, by laying the groundwork for healthy microorganisms. They make a place for them to live. According to this study, tequila's prebiotic properties assist make the intestines a more welcoming habitat for good bacteria to grow.

5. It May Aid In The Treatment Of Osteoporosis

Once again, those against! Several studies have connected them to assist the body in calcium absorption, suggesting that they might be a feasible choice for avoiding the formation of frail or brittle bones.

6. It May Aid In The Prevention Of Type 2 Diabetes

It also allows diabetics to enjoy tequila on occasion since the fructans are non-digestible and function as fiber. It avoids harmful blood sugar spikes and increases insulin production by passing through the body undigested.

If you have diabetes, consult your doctor before starting to take tequila shots, since everyone is different and reactions might vary.

7. It May Reduce The Risk Of Acquiring Dementia

According to the BBC, research reveals a correlation between moderate alcohol use (including tequila) and a decreased prevalence of dementia later in life. But be cautious! It also revealed a link between excessive alcohol use and much greater risks of dementia development.

8. It Aids In The Delivery Of Essential Medications To The Colon

People suffering from digestive ailments such as Crohn's disease, IBS, and colitis may benefit from the fructans in tequila because it includes natural chemical carriers that preserve the required medications so they may pass through the stomach acid and into the colon where they are needed. Scientists are investigating the use of these fructans in prescription medications to treat various disorders.

9. It Aids In The Treatment Of Insomnia

Tequila's soothing properties can assist soothe tensions and may even aid in the induction of sleep for those who are sleep deprived. It's recommended not to rely on any substance regularly, especially alcohol. However, it may occasionally be that additional something you might enjoy to decompress. Also, sleep!

10. It Does Not Give You A Hangover

That is if you drink the premium stuff. Again, you must consume "100% agave" tequila to reap this advantage. Cheaper products will contain additional sugar alcohols that may knock you unconscious.

Although no alcohol is healthful, tequila may not be such a horrible choice if you want a glass now and then. Cheers!