If you are designing a playground for a school or a community, along with other equipment, you must consider adding a climbing structure to it. Climbing nets give children the opportunity to develop their hand-eye coordination. Of course, there are several other benefits too, and some of these are – it helps in building strength, improves balance, introduces spatial awareness, induces problem-solving skills, etc.

Overall, climbing structures instill confidence in kids. So, when you finally design a playground with climbing nets, consider the below-mentioned 4 types of climbing structures.

4 types of climbing structures for playgrounds

  1. Bloqx

It is pretty easy to turn a playground into an iconic destination. Families and kids will be drawn to such a playground and will be intrigued by its design and colors. Bloqx exactly does that. Bloqx is huge three-dimensional structure, that has climbing grips on the outer side. Children feel challenged while using them and get a very adventurous experience.

You can customize bloqx as you want. It can be a very simple or a very complex one as per your requirement. However, irrespective of how you get it designed, it will help kids in improving their physical and mental health.

  1. Climbing nets

Climbing nets are available in a variety of shapes and sizes. Some of the common ones installed on playgrounds include:

Basic Nets

These nets are designed using simple shapes, but they surely bring a unique challenge to your playground. This can be a simplistic hammock or a traditional rope trail. You can even have it in a two-dimensional shape like a spider’s web, corkscrew, or tunnel. Kids can climb over or under and have a great time.


This is a more complex climbing net. It is visually striking and very much physically challenging. These are generally ideal for pre-teens and teenagers.


This type of climbing structure is very similar to the ones used to train soldiers. They offer better physical challenges, ability, and endurance.

  1. Frisbees

This unique and striking climbing structure often challenges all the senses of a child. They are designed using bright colors and interesting designs. The best part is, that this type of climbing structure has something for everyone. It can be enjoyed by younger kids as well as pre-teens. There are a variety of access points in this structure, and this truly inspires kids to return to this structure again and again.

  1. Rope Loops

This new type of climbing structure is pretty appreciated in an urban setting. This structure awakens a child’s natural curiosity and provides them with endless possibilities of movement. While using this structure, children will swing, slide, climb, balance, crawl, hop, jump, scramble, and pretty much do everything that they desire. Overall it can be a great addition to any playground. 

Well, lastly it is important to understand that every piece of equipment on a playground must be helpful for a child’s development. It must ensure play-based learning. Climbing structures exactly do that. It inspires and challenges children in such a way that they are motivated to continue climbing and improve it with time.