It should come as no surprise that the attention span of people nowadays is less than that of a goldfish. Also, a large part of our brain focuses on visual content rather than a textual one. This means social media marketers have to come up with ideas that can strike and grab the attention of anyone in just a few seconds. Well, the easiest way of doing so is using images.

Studies show that humans process images at an unbelievable speed. We recognize a similar object in about 100 milliseconds. So, if you want to communicate effectively with the short-attention world of today – use images.

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Then again, if you aren’t sure about adding images to your social media content, go through the reasons mentioned below, and surely your opinion will change.

5 reasons you must use images in social media content

  1. They get you the desired attention

There are countless brands and products on social media. This means, to grab the attention of the crowd you got to do something extraordinary. Social media posts or advertisements are much more effective and 10x more likely to engage people if they have photos.

Well, of course, you have to make sure that you use relevant photos to target the desired audience. For instance, you cannot grab the attention of college-going students by using photos of families and kids.

  1. They help your audience in remembering you

Studies concluded that humans only remember 10% of what they hear once 3 days have passed. However, when you attach a photo to content, the information is remembered 65% even after 3 days. Now, if this doesn’t prove the importance of images, then don’t know what does? Communicate your marketing message with images and it will leave an everlasting impression.

  1. They enhance the overall value of your product

Adding pictures to your advertisement will help it stand out from the crowd. The right type of pictures adds great value to your product and services. You can even consider hiring a professional who can edit your photos as per your requirement and thereby make them more presentable and appealing.

  1. They help in developing brand recognition

If you are active on social media, surely you wish to gain some recognition for your brand and product. This is easily achievable with images. You can use images to run social media campaigns and make memorable and engaging advertisements. As a result, you will get more followers and eventually the type of brand recognition that you desire.

  1. They turn inquiries into sales

Retailers use images on their product packaging to enhance sales. The same rule applies to social media marketing. After all, people trust what they see.

To summarize we can say, no matter what your goal is – spreading a message or selling a product, if you add the right type of images to your social media posts, the chances of you succeeding get much higher. So, if you have been wondering why your social media account is not getting much attention, try posting relevant images on it.