Pregnancy test kits are quite popular across the world. When it comes to a pregnancy test kit, you must always conduct the test with your first urine when you wake up. The justification behind this is that since it is the most intensive, taking the test during this time will increase your likelihood of receiving a favorable response. The test result is negative if you observe only one pink line. The test result would be positive if you observe two pink lines.

If you observe that the second line is not clear, you could retake the test using a new kit post 5 to 10 days. When taking the pregnancy test, you must keep the following things in your mind.

  • Avoid taking the pregnancy test too early. Home pregnancy tests are only accurate when performed between two weeks and a month following conception. Pregnancy hormone in your body increases as the days go on after conceiving.
  • As the test kit takes time to show results, you must not expect immediate results. Most people expect immediate results when using a pregnancy test kit. If you read the test early, you may not get the exact result.
  • When you take the test after taking certain medications, you may not get an accurate result. Hormone levels rise as a result of using certain medications. It is possible to have a false-positive test result if you take a test while taking these drugs. Before taking the test, talk to your doctor to find out if your medication might interfere with it or you could contact your doctor post taking the home test for confirmation.
  • If you have missed your period, but the home test results show negative, try to take the test again post 5 to 10 days. Most women do not retake the test and this is where they go wrong.

The graviditetstest from super clear gives accurate results. However, ensure that you follow the above instructions without fail. is one place online where you can find these test kits at a pocket-friendly price. They will also provide quick delivery, which means you don’t have to visit your local stores for buying a test kit.

You may feel breast changes early in pregnancy, such as tender, puffy breasts and darker, bumpy areolas. Breast tenderness is a good sign as it indicates that your body is getting ready to start producing milk. Your areolas, the circles that surround your nipples, could darken and enlarge. On your areolas, you may also begin to notice little bumps that are increasing in size and quantity. These lumps, known as Montgomery's tubercles, have always existed, but they are now preparing to create more lubricating oils once the baby begins nursing.

You must stay energetic when you are pregnant, which means you must eat healthy food. Eat a lot of fresh fruits and vegetables. You must also take enough rest when you are pregnant. This doesn’t mean that you will simply sit throughout the day without any physical activity. Try to spend your time doing meditation and pregnancy-related yoga asanas.