There are some road rules that many new drivers in Australia misunderstand. Thus, there is a need to clear them up for you. It will help you avoid any unexpected penalties and demerit your points when you appear for a driving test.

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Giving way in roundabouts

It is a common misperception that you have to give way to vehicles on your right when approaching a roundabout. However, the traffic rules state that you only need to give way to vehicles already present on the roundabout.

When you are approaching a roundabout, some automobiles might not slow down, and thus you need to enter carefully to prevent any unfortunate accidents.

High beam

When moving less than 200 meters from the car in front of you or an approaching vehicle, you must turn off your high lights. It is difficult for other vehicle owners to see the road and any potential hazards when using high lights.


  • $110 fine and one demerit point in NSW
  • $238 fine and one demerit point in VIC


A "U-Turn Permitted" sign must be visible to take a U-Turn at a traffic signal. You should be able to see any approaching vehicle and give way to them and the pedestrians.


  • Up to a $330 fine and also two demerit points in NSW
  • Up to $317 fine if you are in VIC

Mobile phones

All license holders are prohibited from using any type of hand-held mobile device while operating a motor vehicle. Holders of a full license are only permitted to use Bluetooth or voice activation when their phone is connected to the vehicle. Anyone caught using a mobile phone while driving, texting, or answering a call will be fined.


  • Up to $330 fine and four demerit points in NSW
  • Up to $476 fine and four demerit points in VIC

School zones

All school zone rules will be applied while driving near school areas at all times.

Merging lanes

  • With Decreasing Number Of Lanes

You must give way to all those vehicles that are ahead of you while merging into a lesser number of lanes.

  • With The Marked Lane Ends

You must always give way to the vehicles moving in the lane you want to drive.

Yellow traffic lights

A yellow light means you need to stop. However, if you can't safely stop at the ‘Stop’ line, then you can go through the yellow light.

You should neither speed up nor stop suddenly at the yellow light.


  • Up to $439 fine and three demerit points in NSW
  • Up to $396 fine and three demerit points in VIC

Safe following distance

To avoid tailgating, drivers should allow at least 3 seconds between their cars and other vehicles in the front. It is necessary to increase the time to 4 seconds in bad weather conditions or low light to avoid any mishaps.